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JOYSTICK MOUSE sloped case
JOYSTICK MOUSE combi sloped case
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 Mouse substitute

Many computer programs, e.g. drawing-programs, demand the use of a mouse.
Many users have difficulties in handling a standard mouse.
The joystick mouse is used instead of a standard mouse, but demands less motor ability from the user.

Compare  JOYSTICK MOUSE special

JOYSTICK MOUSE sloped case

The joystick is handled like the wheelchair joystick.
Maximum speed is steplessly adjustable.
The mouse-keys can be used in two ways,- with or without toggling.
External switches are optional.
To facilitate double-clicks, the joystick mouse has an automatic double-click-key.



The 2 buttons on an ordinary mouse are replaced by 5 buttons on a joystick mouse.


The buttons on a joystick mouse have the following functions: "Single click", "Toggle hold/release", "Right mouse button" and "Double click"  

As an option, one of the two "double click"-buttons can be replaced by a scroll button. With this button activated, the joystick acts like the wheel on a scroll mouse.  

The joystick-mouse fits any IBM-compatible computer, and is connected to the computer through the serial port or the mouse-port.

On the back of the Joystick mouse there are sockets for connection of one PS/2 and one serial standard mouse. The external mouse and the joystick mouse can be used simultaneously. 

The joystick mouse is provided with sockets for external switches. The 5 buttons on the joystick mouse can be replaced by auxiliary switches. 




JOYSTICK MOUSE combi sloped case
 a combination of mouse substitute and guiding device for THOT.

Joystick mouse combi has the same functions as the joystick mouse in sloped case

The combi model can also function as a breaking guiding device . The same joystick can guide a mouse and operate a THOT. The change is made by pressing a key .  


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