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THOT  Scanning keyboard
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Scanning keyboard

THOT and Enlarged-THOT

THOT is a keyboard substitute, connected to the keyboard socket of an IBM-compatible computer.

THOT has a board divided into 100 squares. Every square can contain signs, words or sentences in two levels.

The board scanning is carried out by lightening up of the squares, one after the other. To find the right sign, an operating device is needed, e.g. a mouse, a joystick, suck-and-blow-switches or other kinds of switches. 
When scanning is carried out a click-sound is clearly heard. Knobs on the back of THOT alter the functions of repetition, click-delay, scanning-speed and sound volume.
The vocabulary is not rigidly fixed, but easily adjustable by the user. Every single square can hold 78 signs per level or a total of 18oo signs. The signboards are movable between the computer hard disc and THOT. The disc can contain several signboards.
The range of the scanning area can vary from 2 to 100 squares. New overlays can be manufactured, consisting of signs, pictures or other symbols. Possible square sizes are 1x1, 2x2 and 3x3. Operating methods: 1-function, 2-functions (suck-and-blow), 3-functions, 5-functions (joystick), mouse (trackball or mouse device).

THOT can function as a Microsoft-mouse as well. With a simple operating device, e.g. suck-and-blow, the user can reach all the signs of the keyboard and have all the functions of the mouse at his disposal. A standard keyboard and a serial mouse can be connected and used simultaneously.
Extra accessories: E.g. speech support, which makes it easier to follow the scanning operation. 

Versions of THOT:
- Enlarged THOT
- Laying THOT
- Speech support at scanning.
- Split into 2 scanning areas.

Examples of  THOT layouts

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